Mar. 02, 2021

March 2nd, 2021

Nelson Family Becomes First-Time Homeowners

March 2nd 2021

Thanks to Habitat for Humanity Southeast B.C., a Nelson family has gone from facing eviction to being homeowners for the first time, in a matter of weeks.

It was late fall when Simon Robbie and Aimee Andrews found out their rented home was being demolished. They immediately began searching for a new place to live, but soon realized that the Covid-19 restrictions had placed even greater pressure on Nelson’s already tight rental market.

“The situation was looking quite grim,” Simon recalls, as they faced a substantial increase in rent. They wanted to stay in Nelson as they both have jobs, but also because it’s been such a welcoming place for their young family.

Then, Habitat for Humanity Southeast B.C. (HFHSEBC) announced it was inviting applications for a three-bedroom half-duplex right in Nelson. While it’s sold at fair market value, no downpayment is required, the mortgage is interest-free thanks to HFHSEBC, and the income-qualified purchasers commit to 500 volunteer hours, becoming “partner families” with Habitat.

“When we found out our tenancy was being terminated we reached out to everyone we knew,” says Aimee. “Literally the second Habitat posted it, we were flooded with texts, social media messages and calls to apply. We had our application in that night, I believe.”

Interest in the home was high, and a record number of applications were submitted by the early December deadline. William Caley chairs the Family Services Committee for