Position Description: Director

Accountable to: Board of Directors

Description: The Board of Directors is the legal authority for a Habitat for Humanity affiliate. As a member of the Board, a Director acts in a position of trust for the community and is responsible for the effective governance of Habitat for Humanity South East BC. A Director is fully informed on strategic organizational matters and actively participates in the Board’s deliberations and decisions in matters of policy, finance, programs, personnel, and advocacy.

Expected Commitment:

  1. Remain active for a minimum of two years.
  2. Attend monthly Board and assigned committee meetings

Term of Service:

Directors are elected by the membership at an Annual General Meeting. Directors serve for a two year term. Directors may be released at the end of the elected term by resigning, or may continue as per Habitat for Humanity Southeast BC’s bylaws.


  1. Commitment to the work of Habitat for Humanity Southeast BC.
  2. Knowledge and skills in one or more areas of Board Governance: policy, finance, programs, personnel, and advocacy.
  3. Willingness to serve on committees.
  4. Attendance and active participation in monthly Board meetings.
  5. Attendance at the Annual General Meetings.
  6. Attendance at membership meetings.
  7. Support of special events.
  8. Monitor all Board policies.
  9. Review the Board’s structure, approve changes, and prepare necessary bylaw amendments.
  10. Participate in the development of Habitat for Humanity- Southeast BC’s organizational plan and annual review.
  11. Approve Habitat for Humanity Southeast BC budget(s).
  12. Approve the hiring and release of the Executive Director, including the Executive Director’s employment contract, based on the recommendations of the Chair of the Board.
  13. Support and participate in evaluating the Executive Director.
  14. Assist in developing and maintaining positive relations among the Board, committees, staff members, and the community to enhance Habitat for Humanity South East BC’s mission.
  15. Plays a lead role in supporting fundraising activities.


Purpose of Contact

Chair of the Board

Assist the Chair in Board functions

Executive Committee

Support the decisions of the Executive committee and serve on the Committee as required and requested.

Board of Directors

Act as a member of the Board of Directors in determining strategic direction for Habitat for Humanity South East BC.

Executive Director

When requested by the Board, act as an advisor to the Executive Director. Assist in setting goals and objectives for the Executive Director and in providing performance management reviews

Community Relations

Represent Habitat for Humanity- South East BC in dealings with the regional community to encourage the spirit of continued donations, funding, and volunteerism for the attainment of the mission and goals of Habitat.

Habitat Volunteers

Ensure the volunteer base of Habitat for Humanity South East BC feels that they are a useful part of the organization and are making a contribution to the success and mission of Habitat for Humanity South East BC.

Interested in finding out more?

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