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General Eligibility Criteria
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Size and Suitability

Matching families to homes is one of the challenges of our program. We follow the same criteria as BC Housing in determining a suitable size home for a family.

·        Children must have a separate bedroom from adults.

·        A maximum of two children may share a single bedroom.

·        Children sharing a bedroom must be the same gender.

·        At least one family member per bedroom.

Income Criteria

In order to qualify, an applicant family must be in the low-moderate income range and have the ability to pay the mortgage and home maintenance costs. An applicant family MUST have a consistent, reliable source of income.

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Please note that to qualify for a home we prefer to see less than 5% of your gross income amount owing on all Credit Cards
Willingness to Partner
One of the three main criteria for Habitat Southeast BC's homeownership program is willingness to partner. Once an applicant family is accepted to the homeownership program, they will be required to act as 'ambassadors' of Habitat Southeast BC, which may include speaking to the press, having their family photographed for promotional material and attending public events. Becoming a Habitat Southeast BC homeowner means that you are agreeing to partner with Habitat Southeast BC on an ongoing basis for as long as you own the home.
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Living in Need:
One of the major criteria for selection into the homeownership program is that your family is living in need. This essentially means that, for a variety of possible reasons, your home is not suitable or is unsafe. Some of the factors Habitat Southeast BC uses to determine your level of need is
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